What is SafeBackup?

SafeBackup is a fresh, secure, and affordable online backup service for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals that absolutely cannot risk losing data on their computers.

Our automated data backup services backup and secure computer data as a protection against hard drive failure, viruses, theft, natural disasters, or human error. Privacy protection and encryption technologies built right into our online data recovery solution ensure your confidential information is protected at all times with an encryption key you create and control. Our online backups for businesses ensure large amounts of data can be restored at any time to any computer quickly and securely.

Why we’re different? – We manage your data backups so you don’t have to

There are many companies out there offering online backup services that require you to set up and monitor your own data backup routines. We take a different approach; we do it for you.

Managed Services Features:

  • Professional installation and setup
  • Your own internet backup service technician assigned to your account
  • Automated Data Backup verification services and notification
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Same-day delivery for large data rebuild sets